DocumentationAllowed File Formats

Allowed File Formats

Allowed file formats are: .txt and .csv

Accepted formats are as below:

A TXT file that is separated with Comma's [ , ](without Carriage Returns and Line Feeds).

A TXT File with emails separated by (Carriage Returns and Line Feeds).

TXT Files that looks like csv file.

A CSV file is accepted if it is a comma [,] Or carriage / line feeds. If it is different from a different delimiter, then it will treat your CSV file as a column file. If you save your spreadsheet as a CSV or TXT file, then the system will accept it.

A normal CSV file will look similar to this:

If your CSV file contains a header row after you click "Process", please check the "Ignore first row (Header Row)" for "Header Row" before clicking "Process" , if you check "No" it will process the header row as an email address.

If we detect a large number of invalid emails or missing emails the system will reject it.

All rows that don't have an email address in it will be ignored and removed.

All duplicate emails will be removed, if a duplicate email is encounted the entire row is removed.