DocumentationValidatation Process

Validation Process

Please go through following steps to get started with Yo!Bounce

Step 1. Register to create new account with Yo!Bounce.
Step 2. Verify your email with clicking the link in the email we send you.
Step 3. Log in to your Yo!Bounce account.
Step 4. Access "Upload Your File" page .

Step 5. Try out our service for free by uploading a .CSV or .TXT file with up to 100 emails.
Step 6. Review your results and decide how many emails you need to validate.
Step 7. Buy more credits from "Buy Credit" page .
Step 8. Upload your .CSV or .TXT with the emails you would like to verify.
NOTE:System takes approximately 20-30 minutes per 100,000 emails.
Step 9. To download validated list click on "Send Download Link" from "Download Your Result" page.

Step 10. Once you click on link, you will receive download link in email. By clicking on "Download File" you will get your verified list.
Step 11. Enjoy your newly validated list of verified emails!



Please see here for a detailed guide on how to use Yo!bounce via the API.